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When it comes to having great prowess in the bedroom some have it more than others. There is always room for improvement, ways that you can really wow your partner and truly be great in bed. Sexuality is an important part of a relationship and by being able to turn your partner on and have great sex, your relationship can only become stronger. Here, Sex Academy have put together some great tips on how to be great in bed. PS – Check out the below link to download the highly acclaimed 500 Lovemaking Tips And Secrets to take your sexual skills to a new level! Make sure to click the below link and download 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets! This book will take your sex life through the roof and have your partner begging for it! Click NOW!

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Sex Academy’s Six Rules

1.    Make it last: Be sure to give it time. Don’t just go straight to intercourse, long foreplay with partners mutually teasing each other can lead to absolutely explosive sex. Turn it into a game or a battle of wills, kiss, tease, flirt whatever you know turns your partner on. Just be sure to donate the right amount of time to it or your partner may begin to find sex repetitive and stale.

2.    Change it up: Taking things out of the bedroom or trying out new positions can really steam up your sex life. Part of being great in bed is being a bit open minded, trying new things can keep your intimate encounters exciting and thrilling for your partner as well.

3.    Concentrate on where your hands are: It can be tough to concentrate during sex or foreplay, sometimes things just happen. But by concentrating on every touch you can be sure that you are not spending too much time in one area, (unless your partner demands it) and you can change up the pressure and motions which you are caressing and touching your partner in. At Sex Academy, we advise that always having the same go-to move can get really boring and by concentrating on what you are doing you can gauge feedback on what your partner really enjoys and doesn’t.

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4.    Communicate: This is THE Sex Academy golden rule – Don’t be afraid to ask your partner what they like. Great communication between couples can lead to getting exactly what each other wants out of sex. Knowing exactly what turns your partner on or what will make them achieve an orgasm will help you to perform better in bed.

5.    Don’t always control the situation: If your partner has decided to buy sexy underwear or do something romantic for you, sometimes it is good to let them either control the situation at times or make it all about them and their pleasure. Intimacy is a give and take and unless things are well balanced in a sexual relationship you may not be satisfying your partner as much as they satisfy you.

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6.    Show enthusiasm and enjoy yourself: Some people are very quiet and sometimes don’t show much emotion during sex. Sometimes though, just from seeing your partner enjoying themselves or expressing their pleasure, through a facial expression or even noises or moans, can be a huge turn on. Don’t censor yourself during sex, if something feels good, make sure your partner knows and express your emotion. Doing this gives them more confidence and can improve sex and make them more apt to express emotions when you are doing something well for them.

By following these tips and more as a guide you can become better in bed. It is important to remember that everyone is different when it comes to turn offs and turn ons, sometimes it will take some time to establish a connection with a partner so you can work on becoming even better in bed for them. However by following these general guidelines and by reading about sex, it is possible to learn how to be great in bed.

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