Having great sex is important for maintaining a healthy relationship. Great sex always means having and giving intense, unforgettable orgasms. For women, orgasms take on an entirely different format than for a man. A woman’s orgasm can be a whole body experience and last for minutes after climax, creating sensations all over and not just in the genitals. In some cases women have even been known to ejaculate or “squirt” during an orgasm. While not all women have found this to happen during sexual intercourse or vaginal stimulation before, it is entirely possible to make any woman squirt. The following article will provide some great tips on how to make a woman squirt. Make sure you check out the link below and download the Making Women Orgasm Guide! This will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to make a woman squirt! Click NOW!

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First of all, it is very important to make sure that the woman is very aroused to begin with. This can involve extended foreplay or even using sex toys or aids to turn her on. Communication with your partner is important so that you know she’s turned on and so that she can get into a position where she might ejaculate.

How To Make A Woman Squirt – Work On The G-Spot

Learning how to make a woman squirt needn’t be a daunting task. Female ejaculation is usually triggered through very intense g-spot stimulation and only when she is properly relaxed and aroused to begin with. The female g-spot is located 2 inches from the front of the vaginal opening on the front of the vaginal wall. This can usually be found by entering a woman and using a “come here” motion with your finger. Have her lie down, get comfortable and then experiment to see if you can locate the g-spot when she is sexually aroused.

Make Women Ejaculate1 1024x444 How To Make A Woman Squirt

A popular technique to use after a woman is extremely aroused and has been stimulated effectively is to place one hand on a her pubic bone and apply a bit of pressure and then insert two fingers into the vagina and thrust up and down against the g-spot. This can lead to a very intense orgasm which can result in her squirting.

How To Make A Woman Squirt – Some Women Squirt More Than Others

Some women may be more susceptible to female ejaculation than others. There are certainly some women that are more easily aroused and feel more comfortable when it comes to sex and can let go more easily during foreplay and stimulation. It is quite possible to make a woman squirt but it does often take a bit of practise and work amongst a couple in order to do it. When learning how to make a woman squirt, remember that some women find it very difficult to have orgasms which are intense enough to make her ejaculate, so you may need to spend a bit more time with foreplay – patience is key.

Make Women Ejaculate1 1024x444 How To Make A Woman Squirt

Think about the mood of a room and all parts of your foreplay and sexual encounter, as something as simple as enhancing the mood with candles or acting out one of your partners fantasies may be enough for her to have a very intense orgasm and potentially squirt.

Learing how to make a woman squirt can be quite difficult for some, but with the proper work and dedication it is very possible to give your girl very intense orgasms that cause her to squirt all over the place!

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